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The University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) is one of the 3rd generation Teaching Hospitals established by law in 1985 via Decree No. 10 of 1985, though it commenced operation in 1980. The mandates (statutory functions) of the hospital are:

To train and develop health manpower for the country especially in the catchment population of the Niger Delta region.
To provide and render specialized (tertiary) health services to the Nigerian populace.
To engage in health and medical research for the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge and practice of medicine.

To perform these statutory functions the hospital requires the following

Relevant specialized/skilled medical/health specialists and educators, well trained and skilled Nurses, Pharmacists and other paramedical staff as well as support staff
Technology-based sophisticated medical equipment
Appropriate physical infrastructure
Adequate and sustained funding
Sound managerial structure

From inception to date, the Federal Government has tried to provide these resources with some gaps.

The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital is one of the major tertiary health institutions in the Oil-rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. It is the apex health institution in Port-Harcourt, which is the headquarters of the oil-industry and the second most industrialized city in Nigeria. As such, it caters for a large cosmopolitan population of indigenous and expatriate oil-sector employees, who are largely in the upper socio-economic strata and therefore require advanced modern medical care as obtainable elsewhere in developed countries.

This scenario places a great developmental burden on the University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH), which must therefore strive to meet international standards in all specialties and sub-specialties of medical care.

Failure to provide medical care of sufficient standard comparable to international best practices would result in much capital flight and wastage of our hard-earned foreign exchange for medical care abroad.

It becomes imperative, therefore, that the apex health institution in Rivers State, i.e. UPTH, must operate at standards comparable to the best centres internationally, as the private health sector is not yet in a position to meet these needs because of the heavy capital outlay involved.

This 5-Year Strategic Plan for the University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital is therefore designed to meet most of these challenges.

The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching has operated from two Temporary Sites since inception in 1980. The Permanent Site of the Hospital has been under development since 1982, i.e. over twenty-five years. This circumstance had placed some limitations on the development of infrastructure and services in the Hospital. The Hospital has:
Evolved from a 60-bed hospital to a 500+ bed hospital
Transited from the last Temporary Site to an ultra modern Permanent Site in October, 2006.
Managed through a three-tier managerial structure comprising - the Board of Management, Hospital Management Committee (HMC) and the Departments.
Delivers services at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.




Services delivered through a good crop of well trained and experienced staff comprising:
About 100 medical Specialists/Educators (Consultants)
About 300 trainee specialist (resident) doctors.
About 100 trainee house officers
Over 300 well trained and experienced nurses
Over 300 other categories of paramedical staff
About 1000 administrative, support and logistic staff.
Trained over 1500 medical students as doctors, over 1000 house officers and over 50 medical specialists (consultants), all cadres of Nursing, Pharmacy, Laboratory, etc, staff have also benefited from continuous education and trainings.
Treats over 150,000 outpatients per year, 10,000 in-patients per year, and perform over 3000 surgical operations per year. The average all year round bed occupancy rate is over 70 percent.
Well over 1000 high quality research activities have been carried out in UPTH with the results published in major National and International Medical and Scientific journals.
Collaborates with several Research Institutes/Organizations locally and overseas.

Presently, UPTH offers primary, secondary, and tertiary level health care services in the following areas:
  Primary Health Care
Primary Health Centre, Aluu, Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers
General Outpatient clinic, UPTH, Port Harcourt
Accident and Emergency Centre (Medical/Trauma)
Children's Emergency Room (Paediatrics Emergencies)
Immunization Clinic
  Secondary/Tertiary Health Care






Internal Medicine
Respiratory Medicine
Venerology/STDs Clinics




General Surgery
Burns and Plastics
Paediatrics Surgery





Social Paediatrics/Nutrition
School Health Programme




Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission on HIV/AIDS
General Obstetrics/Gynaecology
Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Surgery
Morbid Anatomy
Haemetology and Blood Transfusion/immunology
Chemical Pathology
Medical Microbiology/Parasitology
Intensive Care Medicine
Occupational Therapy
General Medical Practice (Family Medicine)

Most of the sub-specialties within these major clinical specialties are under-developed and unaccredited for sub-specialty training. Our diagnostic facilities (Radiology/Laboratories) are also under-developed and are unable to adequately service/support improved sub-specialty practice.

Fortunately, UPTH is at a transition phase presently in two respects, viz:
The permanents Site has been commissioned after part completion of the core of the Hospital.
UPTH was lucky to be one of the 8-Teaching Hospitals in Phase 1 of the FGN / VAMED Hospitals Modernization / standardization programme.

The UPTH/VAMED project was also commissioned on 12th October 2006, along with the Permanent Site of the Hospital.

With the movement to the Permanent Site and commissioning of the VAMED Project, it is hoped that there would be a substantial improvement in the level of infrastructure, diagnostic and therapeutic services, which should translate to improved sub-specialty/tertiary practice, comparable to the best in the world.

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